What insurance does PPT4Kids accept?
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Florida Blue
Medicaid Medipass
Medicaid/CMS Title 19
Medicaid/CMS Title 21
Molina Medicaid
Prestige Medicaid
Staywell Healthy Kids
Sunshine Medicaid
United Healthcare (no HMOs or UHC/Medicaid)

PPT4Kids does not accept all plans within each insurance organization listed above.  In addition, this list does not guarantee that therapy services will be covered under your plan.  Please call the office to verify benefit coverage.
Where can I find the new patient paperwork?
Every new patient needs to complete and hand in the PPT4Kids' New Patient Packet.  The English and Spanish clinic packets are provided below.

New Patient Forms Spanish 01.20.16.pdf

A - New Patient Package 2018 - English.pdf
What developmental toys do we suggest?
Birth to 12 months
Developing an awareness of the 7 senses (smell, sight, taste, sound, touch, movement and proprioception-internal sense of how the body parts are connected)
•    mobiles
•    play mats/busy boards
•    unbreakable mirrors
•    rattles, squeaky/squeeze toys, floating bath toys
•    cloth or hard cardboard books showing photos/pictures of familiar objects/actions
•    pots and pans
•    soft stackable blocks or cups
•    balls

12 months to 3 years
Mastery of greater motor control in all extremities. Climbing, hanging, spinning and activating the vestibular system for orientation of their body in space.
•    simple puzzles and books
•    arts and crafts (finger-paint, play dough, colored paper and crayons, etc.)
•    sand box and digging toys
•    riding toys (trikes, wagons, etc)
•    musical instruments (drums, horns, toy piano, etc.)
•    cassette tape player with musical tapes
•    wading pool and water toys

3 to 5 years
Increased reasoning, story telling and creating cause and effect situations. Moving on mobile surfaces with greater balance and reasoning.
•    Any type of “make-believe” type toys (i.e. dress-up clothes, play food, play money, farms, doll houses, baby dolls and accessories, etc.)
•    Bikes (with helmets), swing sets, climbing frames
•    Paint with brushes, scissors, glue, washable markers
•    CDs, books, puzzles, videos
•    Electronic toys, word matching games, simple board games

5 to 9 years
Greater ability to follow rules and interact in games. Learning to function in team interactions with give and take to master greater level of control.
•    sports equipment (with protective gear)
•    card games, board game
•    jump ropes
•    arts and crafts
•    paper dolls
•    doctor and nurse kits
•    simple computer CDs/games

10 to 14 years
Greater ability to use the motor system with posture as the background for increased very fine control in all extremities. Increased strength and overall reasoning and problem solving.
•    computer games
•    sewing, knitting, needlework
•    microscopes, telescopes
•    sports equipment
•    games
•    hobby collections

What do I need to look for from birth to three if I am concerned with my child's development?

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